Most of the engine parts below for the list of engines are available from stock, no need to wait for long deliveries or pay more than you have to buying direct from the OEM, we have most major engine parts in stock ready to ship at short notice and at lower prices than the major OEM’s.

Please find below a list of Engines and types we can supply parts for, my contact details are at the bottom of the page for a quotation; Original OEM Part’s. From stock! For immediate delivery.

  • W H Allen - S12 & S37 full engine ranges
  • Mirrlees Blackstone - ERS, ESS, ETSL, EWSL, ESL, Engine ranges, MK1 & MKll K/KV, major engine ranges
  • Ruston/English Electric - APC, AP2, AP230, CSV, RK, VEB, AR, AT
  • Ruston and Hornsby - All engine ranges including YE, YD, YWA, YC, TB, HR
  • Dorman - All engine types including DA, LD/LE, Q, JV, SV, SE,
  • Lister Petter - All engine range
  • Perkins / Rolls Royce - 4000 Series and all other engine types
  • Napier Turbochargers - All types
  • ABB - Turbochargers all types
  • Holset/ KBB. Switzer - Turbocharger all types
  • Cummins - All engine ranges
  • F.G. Wilson Perkins - 4000 Series engine spares
  • Sulzer - All engine ranges
  • Volkes - Filtration Equipment
  • Daido - Glacier Bearings - All engine types
  • Cylinder Liners, Engine Bearings, Fuel injection Equipment, Cylinder Heads, Valves, piston rings, Filters

Creotempus Injector repair Service

At Creotempus Injector Repair Service we offer a quick effective affordable repair service for the UK and international market. Our service injector repair works as you see below, follow the 3 simple steps to quickly and easily repair your injector.


Cost can be as little as half the price of new injectors or less and no need to wait with long lead times from the OEM.

Just follow steps 1,2,3

    For International Clients

  • We need a Digital photo of the injector to quote
  • When we have quoted and you are happy with our delivery and price, call us to arrange pick up (same day)
  • When the injector is in the UK, injector is overhauled within 1 week and returned back to you.

For UK Clients

  • Send us a digital photo
  • When we have quoted and you are happy with our delivery and price, call us to arrange pick up (same day)
  • Injector is overhauled and returned within 1 week back to you.

All injectors come with a 12 month warranty, all injectors are repaired within 1 week once I the UK.